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Don’t miss this affordable adventure! Spot wildlife in its natural environment. There are white-faced capuchin monkeys, crocodiles, iguanas and plenty of birds. Birds are the biggest attraction for this park with over 300 species. It is the best place to spot migratory waterfowel and one of the last remaining tropical dry rainforests that covers most of Central America. Open daily 8am-5pm.
– Local lunch included.

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3 reviews for Palo Verde

  1. Don Roe

    These guys are amazing!! They love what they do and want to make sure their customers have a great time while in Costa Rica. I have taken many tours with Ronald and he always makes sure we have fun and is an all around great guy.

  2. Anne Self Wallace

    Great sightseeing. Enjoyed all of the sights and the guide!

  3. rachelbrevich

    I traveled to Tamarindo with two of my girlfriends and at first we were a bit nervous because none of us had been to Costa Rica before and weren’t sure what to expect. That all changed once we started working with Paul and Ronald of Blue Crab. It really was the best of both worlds having Paul (an American) who was easy to understand and extremely helpful and Ronald who is local to Tamarindo and knows the lay of the land and all the best places to go! We booked 3 separate excursions through them, each one getting better and better. Truly could not have had a better experience with this company and will for sure be returning to Tamarindo again.

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